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Secondary Parent Newsletter – June 2021

Transportation Eligibility

When students enter high school, the Board’s minimum distance requirements for transportation eligibility changes along with the distance to bus stop criteria.

Secondary students must meet the following minimum distance requirements to be eligible for transportation to their Board designated secondary school:

  • Grade 9 to 12: Greater than 3.2 kms
  • Home to Bus Stop placement: Grade 9 to 12 Up to 1.6 kms

Optional Attendance / Cross Boundary students as well as non resident students are not eligible for transportation services. Some Board approved programs are not provided transportation, so please check with your school board.

Find out if you are eligible for transportation to your Board designated school by clicking here.

Transportation Schedules

Parents/guardians are responsible for finding out if their child is eligible for transportation and retrieving transportation schedules online.

Transportation schedules are available to access online by the third week of August. You will need your 9 digit Ontario Education Number (OEN) to access them after you log into the secure Parent Portal

Bus Passes – ON HOLD for the 2021-22 School Year due to Requirement of Seating Plans

Students must carry their bus passes to get on the bus.

Bus pass labels are provided to the secondary schools at the start of the school year to be distributed to eligible students.

Once schools have distributed the student ID cards, the bus pass sticker should be placed on the ID card. This tells the bus driver which route the student is assigned to and that the student is eligible for the bus.

Checks will be done by the end of September and throughout the school year.

Secondary Information