Parent Portal FAQs

To create a Parent Portal account, review instructions here.

I tried to set up a Parent Portal account but never received a confirmation email. Why not?


I reset my password but did not receive an email. Why not?

Two things cause this:

  1. The confirmation email was issued, but your email filters sent it to a folder like junk, spam or promos.
  2. The email was invalid because of a user error at the time of entry, like a spelling mistake, incorrect domain (i.e. .com instead of .ca)

Possible solutions:

  1. Search your email for, the originating email.
  2. Try again. Spelling or typing mistakes happen to all of us.

I’ve set up a Parent Portal account, but when I try to log in, it says that my password is ‘invalid’.

Make sure that the password you’re using is correct. If the webpage is still showing the password as invalid, use the ‘I forgot my password’ button to reset your account.

I received the link to reset my password but the system would not accept my new password.

Cause: You have not met the password pattern requirements

Solution: Ensure you have the following requirements in your password: One upper case letter, One lower case letter, One special character(!&#$@), At least 8 characters, One number.

I’ve logged in to the Parent Portal. How do I see my student’s bussing information?

Follow these steps to add your student:

  1. Click the ‘Add Student’ icon
  2. Fill in the necessary fields
  3. Click the blue ‘Add Student’ button to confirm

I’ve tried adding my student to the Parent Portal but it’s not working.

‘Add Student’ TIPS

  1. Student Ontario Education Number (OEN): Ensure you have entered the 9-digit OEN located on a past report card, NOT the student ID.
  2. Student Date of Birth (DOB): It is recommended that you use the calendar view to ensure the correct date format is entered.
  3. School: Drop down will include HCDSB and HDSB schools.
  4. Grade: Ensure that the correct grade for the current school year has been selected.

The grade drop down field is not populating/allowing selection.

Try using another internet browser (examples Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge). Avoid using Chrome on Mac computers.

I’ve added my student to the Portal. Why are there no transportation details?

Your Parent Portal might be blank for one of three reasons:

  1. Your address is not eligible to receive transportation. Check your address using our Eligibility Tool here.
  2. You have moved recently and the school has not yet updated the student record. Check if the address we have on file is accurate in the ‘information’ section. If not, please contact your school administration. (During the summer months when schools are closed, contact HSTS directly)
  3. You have previously opted out of transportation or the school admin has advised us your child was not using transportation services. To opt back in for transportation, contact your school administration.

I’ve added all of my student’s to the Portal. Why can’t I see them all?

The website only allows you to see one student at a time. There is a drop down list that allows you to switch between student records.

I’m having issues logging in/viewing the Parent Portal on my device.

Try using another internet browser (examples Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge). Avoid using Chrome on Mac computers.

Parent Portal FAQs