Operating Procedure: HS-4-009 – Concussion Protocol


In the event that a student riding a school bus or taxi under contract with HSTS sustains a head injury, however minor, a series of communications and actions must take place.  Our first priority is the health and well-being of the student.

HSTS recognizes that, during the bus/taxi trip from home to school and back, it may be necessary to assist students who may have had a jarring impact to their head or face, neck or body which could result in a concussion.  HSTS supports transportation service providers in implementing this measure.


If a bus/taxi driver observes or it’s been reported, that a student has had a jarring impact to their head, face neck or body it is their obligation to inform their office immediately.

If the incident occurs when on route to school in the morning the bus/taxi driver or their dispatch office should inform the school and request someone from the school meet the vehicle upon arrival.

If the incident occurs when on route home in the afternoon the bus/taxi driver or their dispatch office should make every effort to inform the parent/guardian.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the principal.

If the parent/guardian cannot be reached the bus company must follow up with the principal of the school, the following morning.

The bus/taxi company must submit an incident report to HSTS within 24 hours.


The following protocols have been established to ensure all appropriate parties are notified in the event an incident occurs that causes a jarring impact to a student’s head, face, neck or body that was either witnessed or reported during the bus/taxi ride to/from school:

The Bus/Taxi Driver shall:

  1. Verify the passenger’s condition.
  2. If deemed necessary, request emergency services be dispatched to assess the student.
  3. Assist the injured student until the arrival of the emergency services, without moving him/her, unless it is absolutely necessary.
  4. If tending to an injured student(s), ask a responsible student on the vehicle to assist the other students until the arrival of emergency services.
  5. Obtain a list of all students who were on the vehicle at the time of the incident.
  6. Inform dispatch when students are on the way to school.

The student’s parent/guardian shall:

  1. Ensure that all medical and emergency contact information provided to the school is correct and kept up to date annually or as required.

The Principal (or designate) shall:

  1. Follow the school board’s procedures relating to suspected concussions.

The Bus/Taxi Operator shall:

  1. Complete and submit an Incident Report to HSTS within 24 hours of the incident.

HSTS shall:

  1. Forward all documentation related to the incident to the school principal.
Effective Date: April 2020                                                                              


Operating Procedure: HS-4-009 – Concussion Protocol