Operating Procedure: HS-4-001 – Emergency Procedure – First Aid – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


HSTS recognizes that, while transporting students, it may be necessary for bus/taxi drivers to perform emergency first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a student in distress.


School bus/taxi operators will ensure that every driver, upon completion of their probationary period, will have Emergency First Aid/CPR training. Operators must confirm all of its bus/taxi drivers have successfully completed the training sessions.

In accordance with the following procedure, a bus/taxi driver may perform CPR emergency procedures as required.


Whenever a student appears to experience discomfort, breathing difficulties or other difficulties:

The bus/taxi driver shall:

  1. pull over, stop the vehicle in a safe location and ensure it is secured;
  2. assess the situation and determine whether it is necessary to perform emergency CPR or First Aid on the student;
  3. contact their dispatcher immediately and provide their exact location and request emergency services (EMS) be dispatched;
  4. ensure all passengers are safe and secure; and
  5. stay with the student until emergency services (EMS) arrives.

The dispatcher shall:

  1. confirm with the bus/taxi driver the time and location of the incident;
  2. inform the 911 emergency service, the school and HSTS;
  3. remain in contact with 911 staff and with the bus/taxi driver; and
  4. provide updates to HSTS.

HSTS shall:

  1. remain in contact with the bus/taxi operator and the school;
  2. assist the bus/taxi operator in contacting the Principal (or designate) of the school to inform them of the incident, if required; if the incident occurs on the afternoon route, the operator (or HSTS if necessary) will make every effort to contact the Principal (or designate) and if unsuccessful, will contact the parent directly;
  3. inform the appropriate Operations Committee members.

The school principal (or designate) shall:

  1. contact the parent/guardian of the student to inform them of the situation; and
  2. follow the Board protocol for informing all parents of students on the vehicle, if required.

The bus/taxi operator shall:

  1. within 24 hours following the incident, submit an Incident Report to HSTS.
Second Revision: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-4-001 – Emergency Procedure – First Aid – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)