Operating Procedure: HS-3-017 – Temporary Day Riders


A school board may consider requests and authorize transportation for ineligible students and eligible students, to ride an alternate bus at the end of the school day subject to all of the following conditions:


1. Available space exists on the requested bus route. Available space is defined as any available space above the total of eligible and approved ‘courtesy seat’ riders. Reference Operating Procedure HS-3-001 – Service Parameters for large school bus capacity guidelines.

2. The request is for exceptional circumstances and not a regular expectation or request;

3. The student requesting the seat for exceptional circumstances has participated in a bus rider safety program;

4. A written request is received from the parents of the student(s) for each request at least 24 hours in advance in order to provide the principal or their designate sufficient time to investigate seat availability;

5. The Principal or their designate shall approve the request in writing;

6. Documentation of the Principal’s or their designates approval be presented to the driver of the requested bus route and the documentation including the name of the student and the bus stop the student will use;

7. The school will record the name, date and route number for all approved temporary day riders in a daily log and this log will be maintained and available in the office upon departure of the bus;

8. The school will provide notification of any medical condition (i.e. Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Seizure) that the temporary day rider has on file with the school, inform the driver and provide the driver with a copy of the emergency plan;

9. The Principal or their designate, who at their discretion and based on their knowledge of seat availability and the reason for the request, may deny any or all alternate route requests;

10. The Principal or designate shall inform Halton Student Transportation Services by email of the temporary day rider prior to the end of the school day by providing the student’s name, grade, date the student will be riding, bus stop location and route number to transportation@haltonbus.ca; and

11. Permission to ride an alternate route under exceptional circumstances shall not be considered to constitute a precedent or to establish a right for regular transportation.

Revised: September 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-017 – Temporary Day Riders