Operating Procedure: HS-3-015 – School Bell Time Review


HSTS shall review school bell times (start and end times) on an annual basis in order to ensure effective utilization of student transportation services and enhance route efficiencies, wherever possible.


School Principals who wish to request a change to school bell times must submit the request to HSTS by February 15th of the current school year to be reviewed for the next school year.

School Principals shall:

1. submit the request in writing to their respective Operations Committee member (Superintendent of Business Services), along with the written support of the School Superintendent.

2. forward a copy of the request to HSTS no later than February 15th.

HSTS shall:

1. perform an annual school bell time review which includes a logistics and financial impact study to determine possible school bell time changes.

2. determine school bell times for new schools, taking into account any input from the Superintendent of Schools and based on the school bell time review.

3. endeavour to support School Principals by including school bell time requests in the school bell time review to determine which requests may be accommodated without financial impact on either member board.

4. ensure that school bell times adhere to the Ministry of Education’s required instructional time at the elementary and secondary school level.

5. recommend school bell time changes which will assist in offsetting the financial impact when a School Board is experiencing demographic changes as a result of a decline and/or increase in student enrollment.

6. not recommend school bell time changes for individual schools more than once within a three-year period unless board approved boundary and/or Board policy/program changes occur which could affect the ability to provide efficient transportation services.

7. present the School Bell Time Review, recommending new school bell times and school bell time changes at the monthly meeting of the HSTS Operations Committee.

The Operations Committee shall:

1. receive the School Bell Time Review Report and if approved, present the recommendations to the respective School Board’s Administrative Council.


The School Boards will communicate the approved new school bell times and school bell time changes by the end of April preceding the next school year, whenever possible.

Revised: December 2019
Operating Procedure: HS-3-015 – School Bell Time Review