Operating Procedure: HS-3-014 – Process for Appealing Decisions


HSTS will arrange for student transportation based on the Board’s transportation policy and in keeping with the HSTS operating procedures to ensure consistency and fairness.

In cases where a parent/guardian of a student who is eligible for transportation disagrees with the way in which policies and procedures have been applied by HSTS, the parent/guardian may appeal a decision made by HSTS.

This process does not apply to students that do not meet the distance criteria set out in the school board’s Transportation Policy.


The following steps will occur:

1. Initial request for review is forwarded to the appropriate HSTS Transportation Officer;

2. The HSTS Transportation Officer prepares explanations to support their decision based on the policies and procedures of HSTS and forwards the response to the parent;

3. If the parent is not satisfied with the decision, the parent can appeal the decision to the Manager of Transportation;

4. The parent/guardian must forward the Appeal in writing to the Manager of Transportation at HSTS. The Appeal must include a detailed description of the circumstances related to the Appeal and the reason for the Appeal;

5. The Manager of Transportation will assess the complaint within 15 working days of receiving it and a written reply will be provided to the parent or guardian;

6. If the appellant is still not satisfied, he or she may appeal the decision in writing, addressing it to the General Manager of HSTS who will forward the Appeal to the HSTS Board of Directors;

7. The Board of Directors will review the background information provided by the General Manager of HSTS within 15 working days;

8. A Trustee alternate will be required if appeal is within the area of jurisdiction of the Trustee designate;

9. The Board of Directors will render a final decision consistent with the existing Board’s transportation policy;

10. The Appellant will be notified in writing of the final decision.

Annually, a summary of appeals reviewed will be presented to the respective Board of Trustees for information.

Review of Distance Calculation:

A parent may request a review of the distance calculation which determines their child’s transportation eligibility based on Operating Procedure HS-3-013 – Distance Measurement.

Revised: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-014 – Process for Appealing Decisions