Operating Procedure: HS-3-013 –Distance Measurement

(Reference: Transportation Eligibility, HS-1-002)


HSTS uses Ministry approved Geographic Information System (GIS) transportation software with the base map provided by the Region of Halton.  This software is the sole determinate of home to school distance measurements to ensure consistency throughout Halton Region.

This software measures the distance between the residence and the school property based on the approved distances set out in the respective school board’s transportation policy.


Distances are measured taking the shortest route using the municipal road centre line on the road network from the closest property line of the student’s primary address to the closest property line of their board designated school of attendance; this includes townhouse, condominium and other multi residential complexes with one municipal address.

Distances are measured using GIS software and parcel fabric which displays the property lines and boundary dimensions for all properties within Halton Region.  Parcel labels are also utilized which displays the address information for all properties.

HSTS and the school boards have agreed upon the student transportation planning software, as expected by the Ministry of Education, and rely on it to avoid discrepancies which can occur in the varying mapping technologies (Google Maps, Mapquest, etc.) as these mapping tools do not provide property line to property line measurements as required by the Board’s transportation policy.

Distance Disputes

Any disputes to the home to school distance measurements provided by HSTS may be verified upon request.

Submissions will be reviewed and the results will be communicated to the parent/guardian within 15 business days upon receipt of the verification by HSTS. Distance disputes will not be reviewed during the last week of August or the month of September.

The result of the distance verification is final and is not subject to the appeal process.

Second Revision: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-013 –Distance Measurement