Operating Procedure: HS-3-012 – Transportation Service Audits


In addition to the Facility Audits and Fleet inspections performed by the Ministry of Transportation, HSTS shall perform annual audits to ensure contract and transportation service compliance.


HSTS shall perform the following audits on an annual basis:

Bus Operator Audits
On an annual basis, HSTS shall contract the services of a third party Auditor who will perform a facility audit on all bus operators contracted by Halton Student Transportation Services.

Bus Stop/Bus Route Audits

HSTS shall conduct Bus stop/bus route audits by performing the following:

1. Following the bus
2. Observing students being picked up/dropped off at a bus stop
3. Visiting the bus stop location
4. Reviewing both real time and historical GPS data

HSTS Transportation Officers shall:

1. audit for Highway Traffic Act compliance;
2. audit route times, bus stop compliance, bus stop locations and follow the bus while transporting students to and/or from school on a minimum of 30% of all HSTS routes;
3. Observe students being picked up/dropped off at bus stops and notify schools of any concerns regarding student behaviour;
4. not provide notification of a bus stop/route audit to the bus operator;
5. document the audit results for each audit performed by completing a Transportation Audit Form and submit results to the Bus Operator;
6. receive and review Operator Route Audit Follow-up Reports, where required; and
7. review all infractions and/or concerns with the Manager of HSTS, if required.

The Bus Operator shall:

1. upon receipt of the Transportation Audit Report, review the audit information with the driver and if required, the Safety Officer.
2. upon receipt of the Operator Route Audit Follow up Form, complete and submit follow up to HSTS for review.

Revised: September 2017
Operating Procedure: HS-3-012 – Transportation Service Audits