Operating Procedure: HS-3-007 – Public Transit


Public transit may be used to serve the needs of secondary school students residing in urban centres who are eligible for transportation under the distance criteria set out in their respective school board’s Transportation Policy, if deemed to be efficient and financially feasible.


Eligible secondary students may receive public transit passes or individual tickets to cover their travel to and from school on scheduled school days.

HSTS shall:

1. purchase and provide payment for either transit passes or individual tickets to eligible students identified as requiring transit tickets.

School Principal shall:

1. distribute the transit passes/tickets to the identified eligible students.

2. keep a log at the school for verification purposes to track the tickets distributed to the students.

3. at the end of the school year, return all unused passes/tickets to HSTS.


Once a student has received their pass/tickets, they are responsible for them. No damaged, lost or stolen passes/tickets will be replaced by HSTS.

In the event that one or more passes/tickets are damaged, lost or stolen, the student and their parents are responsible for covering the costs of the student’s school transportation for these trips.

In the event that a student uses their tickets for purposes other than school transportation, they are responsible for making arrangements for travelling to and from school, and must cover the expenses.

Revised: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-007 – Public Transit