Operating Procedure: HS-3-005 – Transportation To/From Caregivers & Daycare Providers


HSTS recognizes that parents/guardians may rely on caregivers/daycare providers for their child(ren) either before or after school or both times of day.


While HSTS accepts only one primary address for each student whom it serves, transportation to/from a caregiver may be provided as outlined in this procedure.

The provision of transportation to and from a caregiver/daycare is dependent upon the following criteria:

1. The student is eligible for transportation based on Operating Procedure HS-1-002 – Transportation Eligibility. Students who are not eligible for transportation must apply for a courtesy seat as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-1-004 – Courtesy Seats;

2. The caregiver/daycare provider’s address is within the designated transportation boundary of the student’s board designated home school; and

3.There is space available on the requested bus route. The addition of the student(s) to the alternate bus does not cause the student load to exceed the loading guideline outlined in Operating Procedure HS-1-004 – Courtesy Seats;

4. The parent/guardian submits a written request to the principal, providing the name, address and phone number of the caregiver/daycare provider;

5. HSTS keeps the caregiver/daycare provider transportation arrangements in place until otherwise advised by the school;

6. The alternate transportation follows a consistent schedule five (5) days per week. For the safety and security of the student, alternating day or week pick up or drop off locations will not be approved;

7. HSTS assigns eligible student(s) to the closest existing bus stop from the daycare/caregiver’s address based on the Board’s distance to bus stop policy (refer to Operating Procedure HS-1-002 – Transportation Eligibility);

8. The route does not have to be altered;

9. The alternate transportation does not require transferring from one bus to another; and

10. Parent/guardians acknowledge they understand that this accommodation is temporary and is subject to the conditions listed in this procedure and may be withdrawn immediately upon notice that:

 Student/parent/guardian responsibilities are not met;
 Changes in the population of the area result in transportation needs which exceed the maximum allowable number of students on a bus;
 The parent has not provided a written request for an alternate pick up or drop off location for the daycare provider.

Revised: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-005 – Transportation To/From Caregivers & Daycare Providers