Operating Procedure: HS-3-004 – Duration of Bus Trip


The mandate of HSTS is to provide effective and efficient transportation services.  Students are not expected to travel for lengthy periods of time aboard a school bus.


HSTS staff shall consider the duration of bus trips when planning bus routes. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, and wherever feasible, the amount of time spent aboard a bus by students, one way, should not exceed:

60 minutes – Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8
75 minutes – Grades 9 to 12

The times set out above are based on the duration of time the student is travelling on the bus and does not include the time it takes to load students at a school in the afternoon.

The length of bus trips is calculated based on so-called “normal” traffic conditions, and does not take into account any anomalies due to external factors such as traffic conditions, construction areas, and inclement weather.

Reviewed: November 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-3-004 – Duration of Bus Trip