Operating Procedure HS-2-007 – HSTS Responsibilities


Pursuant to the Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, school boards may provide transportation services to their students.

Student transportation is administered by HSTS for students who reside in the Region of Halton who are deemed eligible for transportation based on the transportation policies of the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.


HSTS is committed to:

1. providing effective and efficient transportation services, in a reasonable period of time for eligible students, from a designated pick up location to the school and from the school to their designated drop off location;

2. providing accessible transportation services for board approved students who, due to their disability, cannot access regular transportation, as well as for students identified as “exceptional” through the school board’s IPRC process;

3. providing excellent customer service to all stakeholders, in accordance with the board’s Transportation Policy and the Operating Procedures of HSTS.

Employees of HSTS are responsible for:

1. providing transportation services in accordance with the board’s Transportation Policy and HSTS approved Operating Procedures;

2. optimizing student transportation services while keeping in mind the needs of students;

3. planning efficient bus routes taking into account the following factors: distance policies, travel time, the number of students on the bus, the bus size and the number of buses per school, among other things; using the shortest possible trip between the students’ pick up location and the school, on public access roads or highways;

4. receiving and assessing transportation change requests or new requests from schools;

5. reviewing and planning bus routes on an ongoing basis;

6. establishing bus stop locations based on the boards’ Transportation Policy;

7. ensuring schools are informed of any changes in transportation service; and

8. reviewing suggestions from bus operators regarding possible changes to the transportation routing and bus stop locations.

Employees of HSTS shall:

1. manage and update bus transportation services as required;

2. remain in regular contact with school bus/taxi operators and school principals to ensure the reliable and efficient management of school transportation services on a daily basis;

3. maintain clear and regular communication through the HSTS website in order to inform the community about transportation eligibility, policies, procedures, safety measures, cancellations due to inclement weather etc.;

4. support school principals and bus drivers in maintaining discipline on the bus;

5. set up and organize safety programs;

6. conduct bus route/bus stop audits in accordance with Operating Procedure HS-3-012 – Transportation Service Audits; and

7. conduct ongoing site visits to new development areas to assess when transportation will be provided within the development. School buses do not enter construction areas (new development) until all major construction activity has ceased as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-3-002 Bus Stop Placement.

Reviewed: June 2021
Operating Procedure HS-2-007 – HSTS Responsibilities