Operating Procedure: HS-2-006 –Taxi Operators and Driver Responsibilities


School taxi operators and taxi drivers shall abide by the terms and conditions of Agreement for Transportation between the Operator and HSTS and all Acts and Regulations pertaining to school taxi transportation. Failure to abide by this policy may result in HSTS withholding payment for services rendered from any taxi operator.


Taxi Owners/Operators shall:

1. Abide by the policies and procedures of HSTS;

2. abide by the terms and conditions of the Agreement for Transportation;

3. ensure that any driver operating a vehicle carrying a student with a medical condition for which they have been notified has been made aware of the medical condition and what intervention, if any, is required;

4. notify the school and HSTS of any delay greater than ten (10) minutes;

5. maintain effective and open communication with HSTS, schools, parents and guardians, to inform them about delays on routes. This communication must be maintained up until the last student gets off the taxi, whatever time of day this may be;

6. provide HSTS with the following documents:

      • Acknowledgement that all taxi drivers hold a valid driver’s license allowing him/her to drive a taxi;
      • Proof of insurance;
      • Proof of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage;
      • Taxi business license and driver’s taxi license;
      • Taxi Release Form for Record Search (TF023);
      • Criminal Record Check, including Vulnerable Sector Screening.

7. ensure that the necessary steps are taken in the event of an accident, as stipulated in Operating Procedure HS-4-005 – Accident/Incident;

8. maintain its vehicles and ensure that taxi drivers drive them according to the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act and the regulations there under, and any other public vehicle laws and any transportation rules established by HSTS;

9. keep the vehicles clean and free of any hazards;

10. report student misconduct to the school principal using the Report of Student Misconduct form (pink slip). The principal will be responsible for taking the necessary disciplinary measures according to the Operating Procedure HS-2-004 – School Principal Responsibilities;

11. have a written drug/alcohol policy that complies with all applicable laws. A copy of this policy will be submitted to the Consortium with the signed contract. Any subsequent revision in the policy will be provided to the Consortium; and

12. comply with Bill 73 and the requirements of Regulation 613 regarding forward facing car seats and booster seats.

Booster seats shall be provided by the parent or HSTS for students who meet all of the following criteria:

      •  under the age of eight or;
      •  weigh between 18-36 kg (40-80 lbs.) or;
      •  stands less than 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall.

Forward facing car seats shall be provided by the parent or HSTS for students who:

      •  weigh between 9-18 kg (20-40 lbs.)

Taxi Drivers shall:

1. Obey the Highway Traffic Act at all times;

2. pick up and drop off students only at the locations designated by HSTS. Taxi drivers are not authorized to make changes to student pick up or drop off  locations;

3. ensure that students are never left alone in the taxi;

4. refuse to allow any unauthorized persons to board the vehicle and report any incidents of unauthorized persons attempting to board the vehicle to their dispatcher immediately;

5. check at the end of each trip to ensure that no students or personal items have been left in the taxi and notify their dispatcher immediately of anything that was left on the taxi;

6. keep the vehicles clean and free of any hazards;

7. ensure all seat belts are functioning;

8. use an appropriate tone of voice and vocabulary when speaking to students. Shouting, swearing or using offensive and aggressive language will be cause for removal from driving for HSTS;

9. allow the students in the taxi to speak to each other in the language of their choice;

10. notify the school principal in writing about any inappropriate or unsafe behaviour by students using the appropriate form based on the guidelines of Operating Procedure HS-2-008 – Disciplinary Action;

11. support any disciplinary action on the taxi as designated by the principal;

12. avoid stopping or starting abruptly;

13. not smoke on board property at anytime;

14. ensure that students remain seated with seat belts on until the taxi comes to a full stop at the final destination;

15. notify the dispatcher in the event of a breakdown or an emergency;

16. be prohibited from smoking, drinking alcohol or using illegal substances while driving. Any violations will be cause for immediate and permanent removal from driving for HSTS;

17. contact dispatch for direction before dropping off a primary student if there are any safety concerns; dispatch will contact HSTS, where required;

18. in the event of an accident or incident, follow the procedures outlined in Operating Procedure HS-4-005 – Accident/Incident;

19. not allow photography of any student;

20. not allow a student under the age of 12 years to sit in the front seat of the taxi as a safety precaution against injuries from air bags;

21. always deliver students to their scheduled destination, even if they display unruly behaviour;

22. never idle a vehicle on school property; and

23. refrain from using cell phones or similar electronic devices, including hands free devices while operating a taxi under contract with HSTS. This includes while loading and unloading students, except in an emergency. If an emergency call must be placed, the driver must pull over to the side of the road, secure the vehicle and then place the emergency call.

For the purpose of this procedure, an emergency exists if the driver requires immediate assistance to ensure the safety of his/her passengers or to report a dangerous or life threatening situation.

Revised:  October 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-2-006 –Taxi Operators and Driver Responsibilities