Operating Procedure: HS-2-004 – School Principal Responsibilities


The school bus is an extension of the classroom. The school principal’s authority applies aboard the school bus as does the respective school board’s Code of Conduct.  The school principal remains responsible for his/her students while they are on a school bus.

The school principal or designate is the primary contact for parents. All communication regarding changes to student information must be provided to HSTS through the electronic student information system, (Trillium).


The school principal (or designate) shall:

  1. ensure that new student registration information as well as any changes/updates to student information including primary and alternate emergency contact information is entered into the boards’ Student Information Systems on a regular, daily basis;
  2. ensure that appropriate student medical information is documented in the boards’ Student Information Systems and that corresponding medical forms are provided to HSTS;
  3. develop and update as required, student seating plans for each bus route (morning and afternoon);
  4. provide board courtesy seat request forms to families after October 1st, as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-1- 004 – Courtesy Seats;
  5. ensure students are loaded onto the correct bus in the afternoon by referring to the student list provided in the school’s Bus Planner web portal as a guideline;
  6. implement school bus loading/unloading procedures and ensure appropriate staff are available to assist and supervise the prompt loading and unloading of students from school buses/taxis;
  7. ensure that the areas reserved for school buses are kept clear of all other vehicles (other than emergency vehicles) during arrival and departure times at the school and that a No Passing Policy is adhered to while buses are in the loading zone and that this policy is communicated to the school community;
  8. ensure that students are sitting properly in their seat and where required, that they are secured in their seat (seat belts, safety vest) before the driver departs from the school;
  9. ensure appropriate staff are available at the school if students have to be returned in the afternoon, e.g. kindergarten parent not at bus stop;
  10. ensure that students are adequately informed about school bus conduct and safety rules;
  11. in cooperation with the bus driver, ensure that students behave in an appropriate and safe manner while aboard the vehicle;
  12. be responsible for all progressive disciplinary action as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-2-008 – Disciplinary Action and in accordance with Bill 157 reporting requirements;
  13. provide written notification to parents, guardians and HSTS about any decision concerning the immediate or pending suspension of a student, and notify the bus driver verbally;
  14. meet with parents who have not adhered to the parent responsibilities as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-2-003 – Parent/Guardian Responsibilities;
  15. inform students, parents/guardians of any changes to their child’s bus route schedule, including bus stop location changes;
  16. advise parents and guardians of the procedures to follow in the event of inclement weather or school closure; and
  17. ensure that the necessary steps are taken in the event of an accident, in accordance with Operating Procedure HS-4-005 – Accident/Incident.

Revised:  January 2022 

Operating Procedure: HS-2-004 – School Principal Responsibilities