Operating Procedure HS-2-003 – Parent/Guardian Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their child knows, understands and follows the student responsibilities as outlined in Operating Procedure HS-2-002 – Student Responsibilities and the respective School Board’s Code of Conduct.

Parents and guardians are responsible for their child’s safety from the time he/she leaves home until the time he/she boards the bus in the morning and as soon as he/she gets off the bus at the designated bus stop in the afternoon.


It is HSTS’ expectation that the Parent/Guardian shall:

1. remind their child about the safety and behaviour rules to be followed at the bus stop and while travelling on the bus;

2. cooperate with the school principal, staff from HSTS and the bus driver to ensure that their child behaves properly while travelling on the bus;

3. ensure that their child arrives at the bus stop a minimum of five (5) minutes before the pick-up time;

4. be responsible for their child’s safety up until he/she boards the bus in the morning and exits the bus in the afternoon;

5. ensure their children are aware that they must get off the bus at their designated school in the morning;

6. ensure that their children know which bus stop they are to get off at in the afternoon and to only get off at the designated bus stop that they are assigned to;

7. assume responsibility for their child when he/she is dropped off at the designated bus stop, upon his/her return from school. Parents/Guardians are required to go to the bus stop to meet their child enrolled in Junior or Senior Kindergarten, or designate a responsible person who is at least ten (10) years of age with this task;

8. assume responsibility for all deliberate damage or acts of vandalism caused by their child;

9. inform the school in writing about any cancellation or change to be made to their child’s transportation service;

10. safeguard their child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) as this number is used for online access to student transportation schedules.

11. confirm their child’s transportation information on the HSTS website at www.haltonbus.ca and if any changes are required, contact the school.

12. make a note of the school bus operator’s name, route number and scheduled arrival time;

13. inform the school and HSTS about any problem that occurred on the bus that jeopardized the students’ well-being and safety, indicating the bus number, date, time, and nature of the problem;

14. find out the status of school bus transportation on inclement weather days by listening to the identified radio/television stations listed in Operating Procedure HS-4-006 – Inclement Weather or by visiting the HSTS website;

15. make the final decision about whether or not their child should go to school on inclement weather days; and

16. ensure their child is dressed appropriately in the event of inclement weather.


1. It is strictly prohibited for parents/guardians to board the school bus.

2. It is prohibited for parents/guardians to speak to the bus driver in an angry or aggressive manner, or to use abusive and disrespectful language.

3. It is prohibited for parents/guardians to negotiate or attempt to negotiate with the bus driver and/or the school principal, in order to change the bus stop, pick-up or drop-off time, or other travel arrangement for their child, which would differ from the transportation service provided by HSTS.

4. It is prohibited for parents/guardians to stop or park their vehicle at the school between the signs indicating that the area is reserved for school buses (school bus loading zone) or to pass the school bus in the loading zone.


Improper conduct on the part of the parent/guardian may result in the loss of his/her child’s privilege to travel by bus.

Revised:  September 2019
Operating Procedure HS-2-003 – Parent/Guardian Responsibilities