Operating Procedure: HS-2-002 – Student Responsibilities


Students who are granted the privilege of travelling to and from school by school bus must behave in a safe and appropriate manner while at the bus stop and while travelling on the vehicle. Those who behave in an unsafe or inappropriate manner may lose this privilege, in accordance with Operating Procedure HS-2-008 – Disciplinary Action.

When ‘school bus’ is referred to, this includes any contracted vehicle type i.e. van, taxi.

The school bus is considered an extension of the school day. Students are accountable to the school principal for their behaviour while on the school bus and must obey the instructions of the bus driver and adhere to their school board’s student code of conduct.


A.  Before getting on the bus, students shall:

1. be at the bus stop a minimum of five (5) minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus, which will not wait for latecomers;

2. always keep a safe distance from the road or the street while waiting for the bus;

3. respect other people’s property and belongings; and

4. wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching in order to board the bus.

B.  While on the bus, students shall:

5. take a seat of their choosing or, if applicable, go to the seat that has been assigned to them on the bus, and remain seated until they reach their destination;

6. remain seated at all times, facing the direction in which the bus is travelling, resting against the back of their seats with their legs turned towards the front of the bus, in the seat that has been assigned to them (if applicable);

7. for their safety during the trip, avoid distracting or speaking to the bus driver, except in the case of an emergency;

8. refrain from speaking loudly, being noisy, fighting, swearing or using abusive language;

9. refrain from getting into fights, annoying, hitting or biting other students on the bus or the bus driver;

10. refrain from eating, drinking, spitting, or contaminating the inside of the bus;

11. refrain from smoking, including electronic cigarettes (vaping), drinking or carrying alcohol, carrying or using illegal substances;

12. refrain from throwing objects inside or outside the vehicle;

13. keep their arms/hands, legs and head inside the bus;

14. keep their books, school bags and any other objects on their lap and keep the aisle clear;

15. keep skates in a special carrying bag with the skate blades covered while travelling on the school bus until the destination is reached;

16. refrain from bringing overly large items on the bus, in accordance with Operating Procedure HS-3-010 – Transporting Equipment;

17. be liable for any damage done deliberately to the bus;

18. only board the bus to which they have been assigned, and embark or disembark only at their designated bus stop;

19. help to keep the bus safe and clean;

20. take all their personal belongings with them when they leave the bus;

21. follow all of the bus driver’s instructions in the event of an emergency;

22. never bully other students or the bus driver while aboard the vehicle; and

23. not use electronic devices for the purpose of photography and/or video recording.

C.  After getting off the school bus, students shall:

24. immediately move three meters (10 feet) away from the front of the vehicle and wait for the bus driver’s signal before crossing the street.


Misbehaviour may cause a student to lose his/her privilege to ride on the bus either temporarily or, for severe infractions, permanently.

Revised: October 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-2-002 – Student Responsibilities