Operating Procedure: HS-1-008 – Transportation Eligibility Reassessment


Providing pedestrian facilities or services for walking, which includes road, sidewalk and walkway/pathway installation and maintenance, as well as the placement of Adult Crossing Guards, is the responsibility of the municipality.

On an annual basis, HSTS may review and adjust student transportation eligibility for selected schools.


The specific schools identified each year for reassessment are generally those:

1. with defined temporary transportation areas as a result of incomplete pedestrian facilities or incomplete infrastructure;

2. schools where transportation is provided based on factors other than distance;

3. schools which will experience an attendance boundary change for the next school year.


HSTS shall:

1. review and identify school sites for transportation eligibility reassessments;

2. provide a summary of all proposed reassessments complete with rationale for each circumstance to the Operations Committee for their review;

3. complete the eligibility reviews by the end of April to be implemented effective September of the following school year;

4. send a Transportation Eligibility Reassessment letter to all families affected by the reassessment prior to the end of the current school year;

5. provide a copy of the template letter along with a list of the affected families to the school principal, Superintendent of the School and the respective Operations Committee member.

In circumstances where finalized eligibility cannot be provided within the established timeline, HSTS will advise the Operations Committee of the situation and provide a revised timeline for both a final decision and intended implementation date.

Reviewed: October 2020
Operating Procedure: HS-1-008 – Transportation Eligibility Reassessment