Operating Procedure: HS-1-003 – Eligibility Factors


Providing pedestrian facilities or services for walking, which includes road, sidewalk and walkway/pathway installation and maintenance, as well as the placement of Adult Crossing Guards, is the responsibility of the municipality.

HSTS operates under the premise that:

  • parent/guardian of students who are not eligible for transportation are responsible for determining the route their children will take while travelling to/from school;
  • routes are not considered unsafe because of dangers that may arise if a student is unaccompanied;
  • parent/guardian determines if their child needs to be accompanied to/from school; and
  • parent/guardian shares in the safety and responsibility of their children, from home to school or home to bus stop.


There are factors which will be taken into consideration in assessing the home to school distance calculation. These factors will be used to establish the route which will be measured to determine transportation eligibility.

HSTS uses the following criteria when measuring distance for eligibility determination:

1. Crossing a multi lane street with or without signals or crossing guards

• Review existence of traffic signals
• Review posted speed limits

Students in JK to grade 8 are not expected to cross a multi-lane road of more than four (4) lanes without the presence of either an adult crossing guard or traffic signals with a pedestrian crossing signal.

2. Crossing railway tracks

• Suitability of sidewalk/walkway/signals

Students in JK to grade 8 are not expected to cross street level railway tracks that are not equipped with warning signals.

3. Suitability of sidewalk

• Proximity of traffic

On roads where posted speed limits are in excess of 60 km per hour, students in JK to grade 8 are not expected to use sidewalks that do not have a grassed or paved strip separating the sidewalk from the road.

4. Residential streets without sidewalks

• Posted speed limit

Students in JK to grade 8 are not expected to walk along roads without sidewalks if the posted speed limit is in excess of 60 km per hour.

5. Walkways/Pathways

Walkways and/or pathways will be used in determining the distance from home to school based on the following:

a) Municipal and Regional Conservation Authority approved pathways/walkways for which no restriction for pedestrian use has been established;
b) the walkway is visible from a Municipal/Regional roadway or sidewalk;
c) the walkway is visible from one end to the other; and
d) the walkway/pathway consists of an engineered surface (i.e. paved, gravel/limestone screening).


Eligibility Factors Re-Assessment:

Transportation eligibility factors are reviewed annually and could result in a change in student transportation eligibility. Reference Operating Procedure HS-1-008 – Transportation Eligibility Reassessment.

Reviewed: October 2020


Operating Procedure: HS-1-003 – Eligibility Factors