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Transportation Eligibility

Elementary students must live greater than 1.6 kms from their board designated school to qualify for transportation based on their home address.  Click here to check transportation eligibility for the current school year.

Note: School boundary and transportation eligibility information found on our website is based on the current school year. Any changes to school boundaries and transportation eligibility for the upcoming school year, will be available by June annually.

Transportation Set Up for Eligible Students

Students who are eligible for transportation are automatically assigned to a bus stop, as determined by Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS). This means your child’s name will show up on the bus list.  Schools use the bus lists to make sure students get on the right bus at the end of the day.

In order to keep students safe, it is very important to make sure the school knows whether your child is taking the bus and if they are going home or to a daycare provider.

My child is ELIGIBLE but will NOT be riding the bus

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school office staff so they can remove your child’s name from the bus list; the school will inform HSTS.

If your child WILL be using the bus (to and/or from)

  1. Inform your child’s teacher
  2. Inform the school office staff
  3. Make sure the school has the correct home address/contact information and the school will inform HSTS.

Kindergarten Tags

Kindergarten students who are riding the bus should receive a tag from their school showing the student’s afternoon bus route number and afternoon bus stop description. The identifying tag (yellow with a smiley face) and strap should be attached to your child’s back pack. This tag will assist drivers in identifying kindergarten students when they are departing the bus. Your child’s school will distribute the tags to each transported kindergarten student at the beginning of the school year.

Please review the information on the tag to ensure that it is correct. Do not put this tag on your child’s bag if they will not be using the bus. Immediately contact your child’s teacher and school admin staff to ensure they know your child will not be using the bus.

Caregiver Information

Your child must qualify for transportation from your home address in order to access busing to a caregiver whose address must also qualify for transportation to the same board designated school.

Transportation Schedules

In late August, families of eligible kindergarten students will receive a communication outlining your child’s:

  • Pick up and drop off times
  • Bus stop location
  • Bus route number and bus company

Students new to the school system are assigned a 9 digit Ontario Education Number (OEN) during the first few months of school. The 9 digit OEN will be on your child’s first report card. The OEN is required to access your child’s transportation information after you sign-in to the secure online Parent Portal on our website ( Once your child has been assigned their OEN, parents are responsible for obtaining their child’s student transportation schedule annually in August.

Protecting Student Information

For security reasons you must provide your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) when contacting HSTS.  As new students will not have this OEN at the beginning of the school year, if you have not received a communication from HSTS, student transportation information must be obtained from your child’s school.

First Time Rider Safety Program

First Time Riders can practice riding the school bus, learn about the ‘danger zone’, how to safety wait and board the bus, as well as safe crossing procedures.  The program is held in multiple school locations throughout Halton.  Find out about locations and how to register online.

First Time Rider Safety Video

Funded by the Province of Ontario, these videos have been created to provide standardized first time rider, primary and junior school bus rider safety training.

FIRST TIME RIDERS: Buzzy the Bees’ safety certificate

Kindergarten Information