Identification Tag Instructions

Bus tags are provided by HSTS for all JK/SK students and first year french immersion students (grade 1 HCDSB / grade 2 HDSB) who are eligible for transportation at your school.  The purpose of the tags is to provide school staff and bus drivers alike with the necessary transportation information to ensure each student is put on the correct bus at the school and dropped off at the correct bus stop in the afternoon.  Parents of all eligible kindergarten students are sent a letter in August annually, informing them that their child will receive a tag, the purpose, placement and importance of the tag.

The intent is to reduce or eliminate the risk of students getting on the wrong bus and/or off at the wrong stop in the afternoon.

Outlined below are instructions regarding the tags, including placement:

  1. Each tag contains the student’s first initial and last name on one side and the student’s afternoon transportation information on the other including route number and bus stop location.

Please ensure the student’s name is not visible by placing the card into the luggage tag with the transportation information visible.    


  1. Please affix the tag or ask the parent to affix the tag to the student’s backpack so it is visible to the bus driver. The bus drivers are aware of the tags and will endeavour to check the tags upon exit of the bus to ensure the students are getting off at the correct stop and if are kindergarten students that they are met by a parent.
  2. It may be advisable to ask parents to write their address or phone number on the back of the business card in the event that their child inadvertently gets on the wrong bus or in the event they become disoriented. The driver can then radio into their dispatch office, and they can then contact the parent for direction.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support in keeping our youngest students safe!

Identification Tag Instructions