Inclement Weather



HSTS Fall/Winter Newsletter

General Information

The decision to cancel transportation due to inclement weather shall be made after discussions with school bus operators, municipal staff, Directors of Education or designates, and other transportation agents.

Cancelled transportation services could be applied to the entire Halton Region or based on a particular Inclement Weather Zone and will be communicated via our primary method of communication, the MEDIA by 6:30 a.m.

Pay careful attention to the bus cancellation message if your child/children travels from one zone to another for a specialized program.  If your child travels into or through a zone where the transportation is cancelled, then there will be NO transportation provided for your child that day.

When transportation is cancelled in the morning, the transportation cancellation remains in effect for the entire school day and includes all field trips.

Please refer to our Inclement Weather Procedure for more detailed information on this process.

Media Outlets

Here are a few media outlets you can access online: