General Information

Courtesy Seats may be granted for students who are not eligible for transportation services providing all of the following conditions are met and understood:

  1. a seat is available on the bus (as determined by HSTS based on acceptable loads as stated in procedure HS-1-004)
  2. the bus stop already exists (no new stops will be added)
  3. the parent/guardian accepts responsibility for accompanying the student to/from the existing bus stop
  4. the bus route and the length of the trip are not affected
  5. the need has been identified for the entire school year
  6. permission is granted for the current school year only
  7. students shall abide by the student responsibilities outlined in HS-2-002 Student Responsibilities

Accessing the Request Form

The Courtesy Seat Form is now electronic. Please click the appropriate link below based on Board of attendance.

**The deadline for submitting Courtesy Seat applications is November 30th for the current school year.

Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) Courtesy Seat Form TF-1-004
Halton District School Board (HDSB) Courtesy Seat Form TF-1-004

Submitting the Request Form

The request form will be available annually June 1 and should be completed by the parent/guardian.  Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) will commence processing starting October 1st.

Processing Timeline

Implementing and coordinating transportation services for eligible students is the priority of HSTS in September; no requests will be considered in September.

In order to record accurate student numbers on the buses, student ridership counts are performed at the end of September.

The review and allocation process begin annually October 1st and closes November 30th annually.  Requests will not be accepted or reviewed by HSTS after November 30th.

The outcome of the courtesy seat allocation process will be communicated to parents via email or phone by October 31st. (Provided the form was received by October 1st)

Temporary Requests

Temporary changes on an ad hoc basis or for a limited time, such as switching buses to visit friends, are not considered as courtesy seat requests and shall not be approved. Please review procedure HS-3-017 “Temporary Day Riders” or contact your child’s school for further assistance with temporary requests.

Summary of Important Dates

  • June 1st – Schools will accept Courtesy Seat forms for the upcoming school year
  • September – Student counts performed to assist in determining the number of available seats
  • October 1st – HSTS begins review and processing of submitted requests
  • October 31st – Families will be contacted by this date to be advised of the outcome of the courtesy seat allocation process
  • November 30th – Deadline for submitting courtesy seat requests forms for the current school year