First-Time Rider Online Program 2021

Welcome to our online version of the First-Time Rider Safety Program. This program is funded by the Province of Ontario and provides resources to assist parents and first time riders in understanding the importance of school bus safety. It helps students and their parents feel more comfortable about riding a school bus before the first day of school. Please note that this program does not include additional safety measures that may be required due to COVID-19.

For important information on transporting kindergarten students, we suggest you review our Kindergarten Information page here.  This provides additional resources and information, especially for families who are new to busing. We also recommend that you review HSTS Operating Procedure HS-2-001 Accompanying JK/SK Students to or from Bus Stop to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

First-Time Rider Safety Video

Enjoy this 25 minute video with your child!

FIRST-TIME RIDER: Buzzy the Bee’s Safety Video

For Parents

After watching the video with your child, print out a First-Time Rider certificate and fill in your child’s name.


This First-Time Rider Safety Tips booklet has plenty of pictures and information to reference.

FIRST-TIME RIDER Safety Tips Booklet

For Kindergarten Students

Print out our four page Activity Book to review the important safety messages in a fun way.


First-Time Rider Online Program 2021